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    Experience Energy on the Go!
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    A delicious and convenient new way to energize your day,
    without any of the wasted calories and hard crashes from
    other sugar-filled energy drinks and bland tasting products.
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    For all of your active days and nights

About Blast Power Gum

Welcome to Blast Power Gum — A delicious and convenient new way to energize your day, without any of the wasted calories and hard crashes from other sugar-filled energy drinks and bland tasting products.

Experience the surge of energy and vitality that is the California on-the-go lifestyle. Blast Power Gum will give you a boost of energy through active days and nights - wherever you are!

Having been manufactured by one of the very few companies in the world that has the ability to make functional chewing gum products, Blast Power Gum contains a caffeine content of 80mg per piece, the equivalent to that of a single cup of coffee, or one conventional energy drink.

Blast Power Gum is the only gum company on the market today that works exclusively with a company manufacturing a powdered gum base using a unique proprietary process, and it is this process that allows us the flexibility to create our own extraordinary formulations and flavors.

Using such a unique and proprietary process, active ingredients are added to a powdered gum base, and direct compression is then applied to make our gum tablets. It is this process that results in a finished product that has content uniformity from piece to piece, and also allows us the flexibility to create our own delicious and proprietary formulations.

Fueled with 80mg of caffeine

Depending on the flavor, each of our delicious Blast Power Gums contain 80mg of caffeine per piece, which is the equivalent to that of a single cup of coffee, or about the same as one single shot of espresso.

1 Energy Gum = 1 Energy Drink

With 80mg of caffeine per piece, Blast Power Gum also contains the caffeine equivalent to that of one standard energy drink, but without any of the harsh chemicals and additives typically found in other such products.

Zero Calories

Thats right, zero calories! Not only is Blast Power Gum one of the healthiest energy products available to consumers on the market today, it is also one of the healthiest gums available as well.

No Sugar or Aspartame

Unlike other energy products and gums, not only is there zero sugar in any of our Power Gums, but there is no Aspartame as well, as Blast Power Gum is made with Xylitol - a safe and diabetic friendly sweetener.

Gluten and Nut-Free

Not only is Blast Power Gum both gluten and nut-free, but certified Star-K Kosher and Pareve as well - certain to leave you feeling healthy and energized, without any of the health-risks associated with other energy products.

100% Certified Vegan

Many chewing gum brands contain gelatin or beeswax in their gum base, which are animal ingredients. Blast Power Gum's gum base contains absolutely no animal ingredients and is 100% certified Vegan.

Featuring L-Theanine

Along with L-Theanine's ability to help reduce both mental and physical stress, the combination of L-Theanine and caffeine has been clinically shown to improve cognitive function in the brain - boosting your mood, mental focus, and alertness!

A Camera-Ready Smile

Chewing a sugar-free Blast Power Gum after eating a meal or consuming a teeth-staining beverage such as coffee or red wine is a great and delicious way to help keep your teeth both clean and healthy.

Products & Flavors

Thanks to our in-house formulation team, Blast Power Gum is a totally unique and exciting new product that not only surpasses the competition in both originality and effectiveness, but also taste!

Blast Power Gum is manufactured under GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions at room temperature, where all active ingredients remain at their full strength in the finished product. Conventional gum manufacturers use a high temperature extrusion process that kills many active ingredients, resulting in a subpotent final product.

Blast Power Gum is currently available in four exciting and delicious flavors - Peppermint, Mixed Berry, Mango, and Blood Orange, with even more tasty and mouthwatering new flavors coming soon.

Peppermint Flavor

Our flagship flavor, Blast Power Gum Peppermint is guaranteed to energize your taste buds and jump-start your day! You will never want to buy another energy drink or brand of gum ever again...

Find Out More

Mixed Berry Flavor

Delight yourself in the everlasting taste of a freshly picked basket of summer berries with our deliciously satisfying, and equally refreshing Mixed Berry flavored Blast Power Gum...

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Mango Fruit Flavor

Need to get away? Well put your mind at ease and savor the moment of your own exotic getaways with the taste of our new succulent, rich, and lucious Mango Flavored Blast Power Gum...

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Blood Orange Flavor

Our newest flavor, Blast Power Gum Blood Orange is sure to leave you feeling energized and refreshed with the bright, citrusy flavor of a ripe, delicious blood orange...

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Blast Power Gum product Sell Sheet: Download (PDF)

We proudly make Blast Power Gum in the USA.

Watch Our Commercials

Say Hello to Cole Seely

Proudly competing under the Team Honda HRC banner for the 2016 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series and 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series, Cole Seely is one of the latest riders to have joined Blast Power Gum's current roster of exciting Motocross competitors and sponsorships.

Video courtesy of Racer X Films

Cole Seely Main Event @ the 2016 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series from San Diego.

Video courtesy of GoPro Motorsports

Where to Buy

Blast Power Gum is currently available at the following list of fine retailers:

Harps Foods

Store Locator

Uptown Drug & Gift Shop

Los Angeles, CA (Downtown)


Manhattan Beach, CA


*** Coming Soon ***

The Paradies Shops

Participating Locations

Kwik Chek

Store Locator

Oceanview Liquor

Hermosa Beach, CA

Office Depot / OfficeMax

Store Locator

Grocery Supply Company

Wholesale Distributor (Texas)

Houchens Industries

List of Retailers

Please check back often as to the availability of Blast Power Gum in your area, as we are diligently working on bringing the Blast Power Gum experience to a location nearest you!

The Power Gum Team

A company is only as strong as the team behind it.
Meet our team and find out why we're so passionate about what we do.

Connect With Us

Our support is top notch so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help.
We are always here for you!

North America

Blast Energy, LLC
917 Tahoe Boulevard, Suite 201B
Incline Village, NV 89451

Email: sales@blastpowergum.com
Office: (815) 459-1990
Mobile: (815) 341-0509



Email: gilles@blastpowergum.com
Email: ian@blastpowergum.com
Office: +33 6 74 14 27 86
Mobile: +44 (0)1481 729499

Press & News

Press Releases

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Blast Power Gum - Press Release
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Latest News & Events

Blast Power Gum is proud to be a part of this year's 2016 ESPY Awards, showcasing our exciting new products and delicious Blast Power Gum flavors to all the world-class athletes and celebrities attending this year's ceremonies and award show.

Blast Power Gum and SPY Optic have teamed up with rider and Moto X star Cole Seely for a Limited Edition series of SPY Optic's Klutch motocross goggles. With only 250 units made, these Limited Edition Blast Power Gum and SPY Optic Klutch goggles feature the same exclusive strap that can be seen worn by Cole Seely with his Omen competition goggles on race day!

Blast Power Gum has recently been invited to provide the Official Celebrity Gift Bags for the upcoming Sixth Season of Beat Bobby Flay Show on the Food Network, June 2015. We are proud to be involved with this exciting Marketing opportunity to be able to put our brand into the hands of Bobby Flay, Food Network executives, and the 42 celebrity guests invited to his television show.

Share your Experiences

Other gum companies don't really care about what you think about their product (just so long as you buy it), but here at Blast Power Gum, we actually really do care! So here is your chance to share your Blast Power Gum experiences with us, and to also help us in bringing Blast Power Gum to a location nearest you.

Thanks – The Power Gum Team




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